New Town

Use the existing irrigation ditches as the armature for a new ecological network.

Local small patches offer:
  • Neighborhood open space hub
  • local small scale location for nutrient cycles
  • compost collection, processing and reuse in small patch parks
  • waste water filtering/treatment
Large patches offer:
  • Respite, oasis, destination
  • larger scale nutrient, pollutant absorption
Minor corridors:
  • walkable connectivity for neighborhoods
  • basis for a site-wide trail system
Our Growing Place
A Pilot Program in Urban Agriculture

Our Growing Place, founded by Holly Russell, Susan Rubinstein, and Kathleen Bakewell is a one year pilot program in which children will learn about food and nutrition from seed to table. The goal of the program is to develop a community-based after school and summer day camp program for 4th and 5th graders that will be both fun and a hands-on learning experience. Classes will be taught at the Stanley Isaacs Center and on the grounds of Gracie Mansion chosen as a garden location for reasons including its proximity to the Isaacs Center. The specific age group which has been chosen for the program has been targeted in order to encourage the participation of young people living and attending schools close to the Isaacs Center and, when appropriate, their parents and siblings.