Brook Farm Group (BFG) is a small collaborative practice founded by Kathleen Bakewell, RLA, LEED AP: Neighborhood Development and Building Design + Construction, Assoc. AIA, in January 2009. The firm's philosophy is grounded in ecological principles translated into human environments through a transdisciplinary practice involving landscape architecture, architecture, civil engineering, ecology, and the visual arts.

BFG's landscape architectural expressions are grounded in a recognition that humans are central agents in the regeneration of healthy environments. The practice draws on multiple sources - green infrastructure, sustainable sites, ecological restoration, cultural and historic heritages, and social structures to form designs that reflect the complexity and dynamic processes of living systems.

At Brook Farm Group, we work to create productive landscapes that form positive contributions to lives. We are strongly committed to finding design solutions that arise from specific project conditions, local/regional /global trends and demands, and inspired insights.